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No gimmicks. No funnels to trick you into saying yes. Me. My Program. Read on to see if it's for you.

Hi, I'm Tina Anderson! I'm so glad you're here! Welcome to the UnChaos Yourself Five-Step Process and Program.

This is part of my story.

My Early Years. My adolescent years were somewhat of disaster even though those around me had no idea. I was in survival mode at the age of 14 until I left for college. I was using food, pot, cigarettes, Pink Floyd, boys, more food, and rebellion as a way of coping.

As I moved into adulthood, the worst part was living a lie. Happy on the outside, binging and purging in my private hell on the inside. And, still having trouble speaking my truth or hurting someone's feelings. Boundary issues and co-dependency. 

From bulimia to disordered eating to body dysmorphia to always comparing myself to everyone else doing “better” than me, to not being able to focus my career in one direction, to being a fixer.  I often wanted to disappear.  

Cluttered thinking, self-criticisms, and of course eating binges were my companions for many, many years. A lot of smaller traumas and big T-traumas were left unhealed. Buried. Covered up. Stored in my cells. 

“Why was I repeating destructive patterns? Why couldn’t I figure out what was best for me? Should I do this? Should I do that? What will people think? Everyone is doing better than me. Fuuuuuuuuck!”

I tackled my issues from every which way possible. From books to more books to articles to more articles to podcasts to blogs and spending nearly a year with both a nutritionist and a psychotherapist. I cycled through tactics over and over again. 

When I interviewed Dr. Omar Manejwala about his new book, “Craving. Why We Can’t Seem To Get Enough,” I started to understand my undesirable, repetitive decision making from a new perspective. It gave me insight. I suddenly understood my journey with a new set of eyes. 

I also had a spiritual awakening in 2014 and it opened doors to awareness, acceptance and empowerment (and, even wholeness) in ways I never thought possible. 

I know this now. Tactics alone are not enough. 

Unmet needs will be met in a healthy or unhealthy way but they will always be met. If they are met in an unhealthy way, you lead yourself into a place that you don’t want to be, doing things you don’t want to do, with people you don't want to be around.

Not knowing what to do or where to start or why you're doing things you don't want to do is living in chaos and confusion on some level

Those needs take up mental and emotional space and drain you of clear thinking. Recognized or not, they are ruling at least one aspect of your life.

You rob yourself of valuable time and energy in your joy and genius zone. You miss out on the good shit and swirl in more bullshit. 

How can you think straight and make decisions with confidence and clarity when you're constantly fighting your thoughts and exhausting your willpower...and, how do you fight those patterns and turn them into wisdom and transformation if you don't even recognize their influence? 

Looking back, I saw where and how I held myself back from joy and from my own truths. I was not being me. I was spending all of my energy trying to not do something. I was entangled in my own mini prison.

But, I’m not living like that any longer and my transformational journey brought me to this exact point. I had to experience all of it. But, you don’t have to.

I have earned my Hero's Journey and I am honoring it by helping others get out of confusion and into clarity as much as possible, and defining their own HJ, because we all have one. 

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My clients are ready for what I call their 2.0 version. Are you ready to rise up?


“I started working with Tina when my life felt like constant quicksand and confusion. My codependency issues were running my life. Her process brings relief, clarity, hope, empowerment, and actual steps to start creating the life you know you deserve, starting with the first session. I am a changed person!”

Jodie Tucker

“Tina reminded me that I was on the right path and helped clarify my progress and direction. She was literally a lifeline for me. I remember our first session. I felt like someone finally saw me for me for the first time.”

I do this to be in service. It's not about signing up a ton of clients. It's about who aligns with me and how I can help.  



self-directed or supported

Tina is Divinely guided and uses her clairvoyance, emotional intelligence training, traditional coaching skills, and channeled counseling to get results specific to you.

"One of my favorite aspects of this program is the combination of practical and spiritual.  It's not just me, it's your Angelic Team, your Guides, and Source Energy (God). They guide me to make sure you hear and know and understand what is most important for your healing, transformation, and evolvement. "

My clients get real results.

  • tinaandersonOC

    “Tina is AMAZING!! She has brought much clarity into my life and many questions have been answered. I couldn’t be happier knowing I am on the right path! If you need to find answers – contact her!”

  • tinaandersonOC

    “Tina is insightful, compassionate, profound, intuitive and non-judgmental, most importantly. I feel very at ease opening up to Tina and no idea seems too far fetched. She inspires me to by myself. Tina has changed my life in so many ways and I’m so grateful for her gift of discernment and guidance.”

  • tinaandersonOC

    “I am feeling good and the column affirmation exercise you gave me in your precious email has already been helping. I absolutely love this new mantra/affirmation that I will begin saying 3 times a day. This is great stuff and you totally ROCK.”

  • tinaandersonOC

    “Thank you. You have such a great gift of intuition and a direct way of literally raising my energy. Even more special, your abundance of love and caring that you emit for all of us.”

What You Get With UnChaos Yourself:

A Unique Program With A Private Intuitive Reading and Individualized Support

With the directed program, you start with an Intensive Intuitive Intake Session featuring an automatic drawing and three master angel cards. Tina will channel intuitive hits specific to your situation, combining traditional wellness coaching, spiritual coaching, your basic astrological and human design charts, and Angel Practitioner Therapy.  You can book extra sessions if needed. (Self-directed is as stated. You feel ready and you do it all on your own.)

Tina's Unique UnChaos Yourself Five-Step Process

Proven techniques, practical and spiritual, that move you from your current situation to your desired outcome using five steps. Clear, doable, and life-long. Accessibility and accountability. A focus on identifying and shifting out of childhood wounds and unproductive patterns and into acceptance, empowerment, and alignment.

A Toolbox of 20+ Different Sessions for Learning and Insight

Lifetime access to 20+ recorded learning sessions around 30-minutes each. Mindset, skillset, and toolset to make sure you learn and integrate in the best way for you. Here are just a few topics: Upbringing/Tribal Patterns, UnMet Needs, Blame, Shame, Guilt; Forgiveness, Boundaries, Split Energy, Your Hero's Journey, Self-Sabotge, Intuition, Synchronicity, Your Master Plan, and so much more. You will not stay stuck or in overwhelm. 

Support for Your Own Spiritual Awakening

It can feel a bit lonely and isolating once you start to wake up and truly see the bigger, cosmic picture. The information and homework in this program will act as sort of a guide. As you progress, so will your awakening, growth, and evolvement. You can reach out to Tina for help in finding your tribe.

Affirmations, Guided Meditations, PDF Workbook & Homework

Jump into effective meditations and guided imagery exercises based on your work and evolvement. Take charge of your progress by writing your own affirmations. Recognize signs, symbols, and synchronicities in your life. Have a place for all of your thoughts in your homework and workbook. Visual, written, and auditory.

With UnChaos Yourself You'll Know How To:

  • Recognize, identify, and understand your triggers and unmet needs so you can prevent old habits from taking over your thoughts and life again. 
  • Move into a place of acceptance, forgiveness, and increased inner-peace about your decisions and about the changes you are making.
  • Energize, fortify and connect to your own "Hero's Journey" with new boundaries and with a clear picture of your legacy.
  • Reverse self-sabotaging behavior and self-limiting beliefs and increase authentic living based on genuine self-love.
  • Create your own non-negotiables, learn the art of detachment, and create your own Master Plan so you can align with your values and principles.
  • Break free from tiresome and debilitating codependency traits.
  • Cut through all of the BS and find where you are stuck...and get unstuck.
  • Get your shit together! 

 Who Is This Program For?

  • Anyone wanting to: wake up every day living their truth, being themselves, and feeling legitimate inner-peace and freedom.
  • Anyone who wants to: strengthen their intuition and better understand Divine messaging and synchronicities.

 Who Is This Program Not For?

X It's not for anyone: who does not believe in a higher power and spirituality or who believes that his/her religion is the "only" way.
X It's not for anyone: who is not willing to invest time and energy into self-development and be honest about their pain, wounds, and desires. 
X It's not for anyone: who lives primarily in blame and does not believe in personal responsibility.
X It's not for anyone: suffering from debilitating levels of depression or anxiety. Please get professional help and then come back for your next steps.

So, Let's Get To The Big Question. What's The Investment?

I Invite You To Change Your Life for the better Forever:

*Supported Option: $749  •  Self-Directed Option: $479

*Customized VIP Option: $3-5,000 With Big Upgrades:

VIP includes space clearing, lots of extra healers (Reiki, Aura, Mediumship, etc.); customized guided meditations, weekly check-in's for five months and much, much more depending upon what you need.

With monthly installment options.

• *Includes the extremely valuable 60-minute intuitive evaluation. 

• *Start with clarity and direction. (Includes pre-prep for your evaluation.)

• Both: option to book private Intuitive Life Guidance Readings as needed.

• VIP: We discuss that together and create your custom package.

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